Update Roamers Studio

A friend has a small studio in the back of his Garden.
He asked me to help him out a bit with upgrading the studio.

So first thing he did was to take out all the existing stuff. I then placed an airco split unit. We had an official certified person come to fill it up.

Next step was the desk. Before he had a piano in there that also functioned as the desk, but since that’s been removed we placed a sit and stand table (one that could be changed electrically in height. Then the fun part ­čÖé There was no internet in the studio. Well there was some option that consisted of running a cable trough the living, hall and kitchen and connect it there to get some internet. So I did some drilling, created a complete new cable to the studio. And added a new Wifi Router in the studio. The Studio was now 24/7 connected to the internet, and had a stable wifi signal as well.

Then the tinkering began, we started playing around with the Raven mti2. And finally we got to a point were we were happy about how it all functioned. But there were some issue with things Raven could not do. So we needed to figure out how to solve this all. And then I came up with OSC.

Open Stage Control is a small piece of software that gave the ability to create a or even multiple screens with buttons that could send out midi data to Cubase. So I created lots and lots of buttons, and even more logical editor scripts. Connected this all trough a whole lot of macro’s and all buttons where working like a charm.

If I’m not mistaking he is very happy with the new setup we created.