About Me

In 2021 I decided to start doing something with music.
At first I I thought of picking up the guitar again, but soon after I started to play the drums.

I then thought it would also be fun to try to compose and mix, so I bought Logic Pro and a Behringer BCF2000. Spend a lot of time trying to get the hang of it and configuring it all.

I really enjoyed tinkering and learning how it all worked, but was limited in the hours I could spent. To avoid irritating the neighbours.

That’s where the plan to build a studio came from. In June 2021 I started the build and finished this 3 weeks later.

Then came the fun part, installing and figuring out how it all worked. Soon after I tried to make it all better and got other equipment/instruments.

I kept updating and now in November of 2022 I think I have a super great setup.

Due to my tinkering around, I got quite a lot of knowledge about the technical aspect of a studio, and the working of Cubase and midi controllers/instruments.

This knowledge was useful to help out a friend in his studio, and was able to upgrade his studio to a nice workspace. With a subliem, easy to use work process for him. We used Cubase in combination with a raven tough screen and OSC on an iPad.

I used this same setup, with other OSC functions and buttons in my own studio.

The idea is to have fun, try to compose some music, help others if they wanna try and make music or record a song, and if possible help others with their home studio.